Introducing TapTime

Track your time, Create invoices, Bill your clients

When you are tapping away your time is being tracked so you can quickly and accurately invoice your customers. Completely free!! *
* Free mode has watermark on invoices

Tap Time Features

Perfect Time

We track your time on task. Interact with task stopwatch. Repeated tasks. Many shortcuts so you can get to work without worry about tracking time.

Track Invoices

Track Paid and unpaid Invoices. Send reminders. We allow you to send one invoice free. Then pay as you use.


We made sure that all of your day is tracked and allocated to an invoice. The time is consolidated into line items on a single day. Perfect for multitaskers.

Customer Portal

Completely transparency for your customer. Provide an interface so that your customers can "self help" and see what you are working on.

Send to Clients

Tag your invoices with a date and then send to customers. The outgoing mail is based on your template, but you have an option to edit on the way out.

Charts and Reports

You can see all of your time in a calendar view, See graphs that show earnings and time.

Completely Free (with watermark)
You only pay when you generate an invoice!

Single Invoice



10 Invoices



20 Invoices